hidden gem.

i drive through ft. pierce alot (we make alot of trips “north”).  sometimes it’s because i need gas, sometimes i’m hungry, and sometimes i’m jumping on the turnpike from 95.  whenever i stop there to eat, i generally go for wendy’s or just junk from the gas station (moon pies and white cheddar popcorn, YUM).  anyway, yesterday as i was driving through ft. pierce i was just planning on getting gas and a snack so i decided to try going left at the exit instead of going right like i usually do (thought i might find cheaper gas further away from the turnpike).  anyway, i headed toward the racetrak sign and got in the left turn lane at the light.  i was minding my own business waiting for the light to change when i glanced over behind the racetrak.  the clouds parted and sunrays shone down upon…SONIC!!!  what?!?!  sonic is by far my favorite fast food…partly because we don’t have one and you always want what you can’t have; and partly because it is just plain amazing.  they could just sell drinks and ice cream and business would be booming.  i am so so so excited to know that that is there.  now, you’re probably wondering, “what did you get?!”  sadly, i still went the route of snacks at the racetrak because 1) even though i LOOOOOVE sonic’s strawberry slushee, i’d just downed about a half gallon of sweet tea and i didn’t want to subject my unborn child to that much liquid sugar at once  2) i wanted ice cream but didn’t want harper screaming at me from the backseat “harper have some!”.  so, it was a time of mixed emotions for me, but obviously i am just super excited to know that it’s there. 


[if you’re curious, my gas station snacks of choice yesterday were hostess cupcakes and pretzels.]


3 Comments to “hidden gem.”

  1. Totally with you on this own Katie. Love Sonic. Sorry about the no slip n slide picture too. We were so excited we didn’t really stop to take many pictures. I think Josh Slade got a few so I’ll have to snag some from him.

  2. We are in trouble when that Northlake one opens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My first reading of your blog… are you and Kathleen sharing a brain?

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