harper is two!

although her birthday was almost two weeks ago, i’m just getting to posting these pictures…  we didn’t take many pictures so i had to wait for my mom to send me a CD.  enjoy!

with great-grandmolly…

the shirt…

(no pants because they got soaked when she went down to the ocean with her poppy.)

the cake… (deliciouso, as dora would say)

one happy kid…

(notice the tag on her brand new shorts.  she wanted to put them on as soon as she pulled them out of the box.)

i’m so proud of this picture.  saturday night after her party was over, they were having a block party in our neighborhood with music and inflatables and stuff.  they had a huge slide and she went down it 4 times.  she went once in poppy’s lap and then kept saying “i try, i try”, so she went down by herself.  she LOVED it and i was so proud of her because she was the littlest kid on there and wasn’t scared a bit!


3 Comments to “harper is two!”

  1. wow…the slide = impressive.

  2. harper’s my hero! She’s gonna be riding roller coaster’s before kindergarten!

  3. Just so the curious know, Great grandMolly is 91 and still going strong. Harper comes from good stock for both looks and the thrillSeeker lifestyle.

    Did you notice on the slide picture that Harper’s right toes are pointed and her left toes are cruled. The sign of a true professional slider. Style is everything to this little girl.

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