i’m tired. it’s “late”.

so, i’ve decided not to post any comments regarding tuesday’s american idol.  however, i did just stumble upon this girl’s blog and i don’t know her, but you can consider her words to be mine. 

my only disagreement with the elimination show tonight was that they should’ve done a two-for-one and gotten rid of jason too.  i seriously don’t know if i can listen to him again (look at him, YES).  AND I CANNOT STINKING BELIEVE THAT SYESHA WAS IN THE BOTTOM TWO.  i think beyonce must have her people calling in to vote for other people because she knows that syesha sings better than she does (and she’s prettier, too).


2 Comments to “i’m tired. it’s “late”.”

  1. While I appreciate the link to my American Idol post, it concerns me that you refer to me as “this girl.”
    I will be sure to write more gruffly and scratch myself in future AI posts.
    All is forgiven though. This is what I get for linking at BooMama, I suppose.

  2. Ok that comment just made me laugh out loud!!

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