thank heaven…

…for little girls.  🙂  last thursday i got a chance to hang out with my friend hannah.  she’s a fellow photographer who lives in michigan and comes down to make some money every few months.  this trip she had one of her friends from up north come down to hang out.  hannah has a little girl, lily, who is (i think) 19 months.  hannah’s friend jessica’s little girl, ava, is 22 months.  harper, lily, and ava had a GREAT time playing together.  we met up at worth avenue on palm beach, had some lunch (arby’s…not palm beach food), and strolled around.  eventually, the little girls ended up naked playing in a fountain.  we got some stares and dirty looks, and eventually got scolded/kicked out, but the girls had a BALL and hannah was able to get some cute shots.  i only included one of harper (cropped!) because i wasn’t sure how the other moms would feel about a naked picture posted on  my blog.  🙂  hannah also got a few shots of harper and i together, which i was so excited about…it is a very rare thing!

random fact: if you look back at one of my previous posts, you’ll see harper wearing the same pink polka-dotted dress that ava has on.  [can someone please tell me how to make a link to a previous post??]


2 Comments to “thank heaven…”

  1. Those pics are so cute. The one of you and Harper is beautiful. Noah walked over to the computer while I was reading and pointed and excitedly exclaimed “Hawpa”. Then Syd walked over and said “Oh Harper, she’s my best friend ever!”

  2. Love the sunglasses picture! To make a link to a previous post, just do it like you would a link to another website. I normally just open another window with my blog in it, find the previous post and then copy that URL as the link. Did that make sense?

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