momnesia strikes again…

this morning my friend kathleen came over to pick us up so that we could take the kids to the turtle hospital.  we decided to take one car, and hers is bigger, so i moved harper’s carseat from my car to hers.  we were gone about two hours and when we returned, we pulled up to my car to return harper’s carseat, and my car door was wide open.  had been for two hours. 

in the same minute, i was fishing in my purse for my keys and pulled out a cheesestick…from yesterday.  EW.  lucky for me it was still sealed in the wrapper.


3 Comments to “momnesia strikes again…”

  1. I have to say it was a pretty good example of what momnesia will do to you!! I think maybe you have momnesia and pregonesia!

  2. I have so done that before… at night too.

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