AI update

so…i haven’t written on American Idol in awhile, but i just watched 2 1/2 hours of it (my husband is out of town, obviously), so i feel the need to express my opinion. [and, yes, if you’re wondering the 2 1/2 hours was condensed because i watch it on DVR and fast-forward through all the commercials and through any screen time that they give to Paula Abdul.]

first of all, i LOVE musical theatre, but i do not love pop singers trying to perform it. also, andrew lloyd webber seems extremely fond of himself (almost as much so as david cook). he is a perfect example of the reason the british are stereotyped as being snotty. still, i guess i have to give the guy some credit…i have paid good money to see more than one of the musicals he wrote.

syesha was my favorite. i totally agreed with randy when he said she could be a big star on broadway…i can totally see that. although, i HATED starlight express and wouldn’t pay $5 to sit through it again even if she was the star (any show whose highlight is people on roller skates is probably not going to be the most enjoyable…the skating part gets old after like 12 minutes).

brooke white…hmmm…i want to put this nicely because she seems like a super nice girl and she is so darn easy on the eyes… she’s terrible. i knew girls in high school who could sing better than her. when i watch brooke, it’s like watching phoebe play her guitar in the coffee house in an old friends episode… (if brooke makes it to next week, maybe she should try a rendition of “smelly cat”)

jason castro is my prediction to head home tonight. pretty eyes and dreadlocks can only get you so far. he needs to stick to praise & worship or playing at starbucks.

david archuletta is such a doll.  i know alot of people get sick of him singing the same types of songs every week, but i really liked his version of “think of me”.  i love that song, and i thought he did a great job.  i could listen to him sing the phone book.


carly did a great job.  she has an absolutely amazing voice and i can’t believe there are normal people out there with voices like that (she seems so down-to-earth and humble).  she deserves great success.

david cook is into himself.  i don’t like that.  he is a really great singer and definitely has a “star” quality (but i think that quality is arrogance).  i think he has a chance at winning.  darn.

oh my word!  i am in total shock.  i just planning on watching the second half of the elimination show tomorrow, but i was on the internet and saw a spoiler article that said carly was “headed home”.  i didn’t believe it so i just watched the rest of it…holy cow.  i cannot believe it!!!!  not only that, but i can’t get over the fact that syesha was in the bottom two.  seriously, we cannot let all the 14 year old teeny boppers out there control this contest!  i haven’t ever voted before, but i think next week might be a first!  at the moment i care more about who wins this than i do about the presidential election. 

also, what the heck is up with clay aiken’s hair?!  i know that his role on broadway might require longer hair, but they have really good wigs, right?


4 Comments to “AI update”

  1. The drama and frustration BUILDS. Sally said she was going to start voting next week, too !!!

    I am going for Jason. He is so intelligent, sharp, witty, good hair, not at all sold on himself and such a great singer >>>

    RIGHT ?

  2. Yeah, Clay Aiken was scary!!!

  3. WHAT?! You hate Starlight Express?? Ha ha ha ha. I am the reason we went to see that crap. I just had to! 🙂

  4. I gotta say….I like the two Davids. 🙂 I’m predicting a head-to-head finale.

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