it is real and it is rampant.  if you aren’t familiar with momnesia, you probably don’t have kids yet, and you can count this a fair warning.  i’ve added a category called “momnesia” and have decided to do a weekly post of all the retarded things i do as proof that i lost thousands of brain cells the day my daughter was born.  i have no idea why i just got the inclination to share my shame with everyone…maybe i’m hoping someone out there will have a story worse than mine…

some things that have happened in the past include: my purse flying off the roof in the middle of donald ross rd. (it was mercifully saved by a kind school bus driver who used her vehicle to block any other cars from running over it); realizing after two days that i had been strapping harper into a carseat that wasn’t strapped into the car (i know, that one is BAD)…moving on to the present…

this week:

last friday – got halfway through a photography session (jeremy & christy…see post below) before realizing that i only had ONE memory card with me and it was full.  i had to (very unprofessionally) stand there and go back through the shots already on the card and delete and “bad” ones (eyes close, blurry, etc.).  after i deleted those, i only took about 20 more and then had to declare that we were done…20 minutes early.  i did get some good shots, but it was very embarrassing to tell them to write a check for $25 less than i usually charge. 

wednesday – i arrived at quest diagnostics on time for my appointment at 7:15 (glucose tolerance test).  waited in a chair for 10 minutes and was then called up to the window.  i was asked for my paperwork and i responded with a blank look (that probably lasted a full 5 seconds) and an “uhhhh….”.  luckily my husband had taken more than enough time off that morning so i was fortunate to be able to make the 5 mintue drive home, get the paperwork (which had been staring me in the face on my desk for 3 weeks), and go back.

thursday – left an uneaten chicken pot pie in the oven overnight (luckily it was a new recipe and the small ones that ryan and i did eat, we didn’t like).


2 Comments to ““momnesia””

  1. I’ve got a good one. I remembered that I needed to print off a paper for my meeting this morning so I printed it off just before walking out the door and then forgot it on the kitchen table just seconds after printing it! Momnesia is definately real!!!!

  2. my labor and delivery nurse told me (AFTER araela was a few weeks old when i thought i was completely losing my mind) that nobody tells you that when the placenta comes out, so does part of your brain. my girlfriends and i all call it mommy brain. hate to tell ya, but for me it got even worse after landon arrived, and i have yet to recover! sometimes i cannot even put a full comprehendable sentence together. then when i do, i’m like, “that doesn’t sound right!”. so….good luck with all that. i’ve been told you never completely go back to normal! =)

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