last night i started feeling plagued with guilt.  i felt guilty because i gave harper hot dogs twice in one week (even though she’d eat them for every meal if she could), i felt guilty because i turned the tv on so i could get some stuff done, i felt guilty because i looked terribly sloppy when my husband came home from work.  as i laid in bed thinking this morning, i realized that i’ve felt guilty alot since becoming a mother.  then i remembered a post that my good friend sabrina had posted not long ago.  i turned on the computer and read it, first thing, and i’m glad i did.  if you struggle with guilt, you should go read it.  it’s a great reminder that, yes, the Lord expects our best, but our best will be different every day.  He knows what is going on in our homes, He understands how much or how little energy we might have for a certain task, and most of all, He knows our hearts and whether or not we are seeking to please Him.  thank goodness we don’t serve a God who judges us based on how many good things we do in a day, or in what direction we’re facing when we pray.

one of my favorite verses is colossians 3:23:  “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men…”.  in one respect, this verse encourages us to do a better job at something than we would normally do, since we should be doing it for the almighty, awesome God; but on the other hand, it is only the Lord who knows our hearts and knows what we are capable of.  “men” might expect greatness from us every time a task is accomplished, but only the Lord knows if our hearts are capable of acheiving that greatness at the time.

now go read sabrina‘s blog. 


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