KT Photography

so, I’m a photographer.  well, I get paid to take pictures of people.  i know a ridiculously small amount about cameras and apertures and light, but I’m creative and have a nice camera.  thus, i make a small amount of money taking picures…and i really enjoy doing it.  i don’t have a studio or a super nice website, but i like it this way.  the lord blessed me with the hobby soon after harper was born and i’ve been extremely thankful for the creative outlet (and the money is fun too). 

many of the photographers that i keep up with (or whose websites i randomly discover) have blogs.  i don’t do enough business to have a blog strictly devoted to photography, but i’ve decided to start posting some of my picures on this blog.

last week i was in tallahassee for 2 photography jobs.  on the way up i spent the night at my sister’s house in gainesville.  while i was there i took some shots of her with her two kids and also did a session with my brother-in-law’s pregnant sister (w/son & husband).  here are a few pictures from that day:

 nat & hannah banana (my sister & niece)

 justin (my adorable nephew)

dominic, my sister’s nephew, is seriously one of the easiest kids i’ve ever taken pictures of.  not only is he absolutely gorgeous, but he smiles on cue (says “cheese”) and looks straight at the lens, which is unheard of…especially in a 2 1/2 year old.  kate is due 2 weeks before me, but she is still so little (…and super tan…basically makes me sick).  needless to say, they’re an adorable little family.


 kate ann & scott


the sumners were my first family to “sign up” for my baby plan.  i went to highschool with them (cheered with juli for 3 years) and they are such great people.  they have a beautiful home and we’ve done about 5 sessions there.  i took juli’s maternity pictures when she was pregnant with landon, and i’ve taken shots of him (and the family) every 3 months since he was born.  he turned one in march, so that was the reason for this session.  since we’re having our second baby in july, i probably won’t get up to tallahassee for awhile.  i will miss seeing them so often.  araela is almost 3 and loves to have her picture taken.  of course he was easy when he was tiny, but these days landon is pretty much the hardest subject i’ve ever had…all boy and SUPER busy…never wants to sit still.  🙂

 pretty araela in her room

 landon the climber



christy and jeremy met in spain 2 years ago and are getting married next may (’09).  they are both in school in tallahassee (he’s from indiana getting his masters in spanish, she’s a political science major from miami).  christy lives across the street from the deans, a family that i had done a session with last year.  she saw their pictures and immediately e-mailed me to schedule an engagement session.  they were sweet enough to wait until my next planned trip up.  they were super easy to work with, super nice, and are obviously a great match for each other…i felt like i was watching an e-harmony commercial.  🙂  we battled the sun and wind a little bit, but here are a few of my favorites:


harper and my niece, hannah, are only 15 months apart.  nat and i have had fun dressing them alike since harper was a tiny baby.  now it’s even more fun because they actually like each other and have fun playing together.  this trip to nana’s house the girls had a ball with all the wildflowers.  here’s my favorite picture from a “session” we did with them in matching dresses:


to see more of my “work”, go to my website or my proofs site, which is my most recent stuff.


2 Comments to “KT Photography”

  1. yay! I’m so glad you are blogging about this stuff. The pics are all amazing of course! I love that harper and her cousin have matching outfits…too cute!!!

  2. YOU ARE MY FAVORITE PHOTOGRAPHER EVER! So funny…tonight I was thinking about how I kind of can’t wait for new family picture time. 🙂

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