more Harper…

here’s another recent picture of Harper (i took some this afternoon)…  guess i’ve been in a camera-ready mood lately.

she’s in a really creative outfit…we had just gotten back from the pool, so she only had on a diaper.  she added from there…it started with the boots (two sizes too big, but she knows they came from her cousin Hannah), then the hat (knitted by her Aunt Courtney), bracelet, Daddy’s watch, Daddy’s cheap sunglasses.  she was so cute…she knew she looked funny.  🙂

update:  as of today, she’s gone pee-pee on the potty twice!  yay.  slowly, but surely is better than nothing!


3 Comments to “more Harper…”

  1. OMG those photos are amazing! i am so happy that the hat fits her! i cant wait to see the girls with the matching hats that you requested! so cute! yay for pee pee!

  2. that first one had me laughing out loud!!! I’m so glad you are in the posting pictures mood:)

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