what the heck is a “meme”?

sooo…my plan for right now was to be taking a nice little nap, but living in a condo building isn’t always so great (i.e. the people upstairs are working really hard on some type of project that involves hammering).  i couldn’t sleep so here i am.  i got this off aboyagirlandapug .  if you’re reading this and you’re on my blogroll, GET TO IT (post your answers on your blog)!

What was I doing 10 years ago (spring of 1998):
1) watching a ridiculous amount of taped episodes of “Friends” (i had never seen it until i went to college, and my freshman year roommate just happened to be completely obsessed); 2) daydreaming about ryan hobbie, my secret crush at the time (now my husband!); 3) spending HOURS at the beach; 4) wearing some really ugly clothes; 5) instant messaging at night.  alot.

Five things on my to-do list: 1) schedule my 28-week glucose test (better get on the phone right now!); 2) make a photo CD for Ryan’s cousin’s family (who we were with at Easter); 3) drive to Ellenton tonight (with no Harper, yay!); 4) vaccum; 5) excercise (i.e. brisk walk to the playground when Harper wakes up)

Five snacks I enjoy:  i’m not really sure what qualifies as a snack… 1) apple or banana with peanut butter; 2) cottage cheese with pears; 3) strawberries; 4) white cheddar cheese popcorn; 5) Nilla wafers (i don’t really count those as a dessert…though i probably should)

Five things I would do if I were a billionaire: 1) Buy a huge piece of land and build a house on it; 2) Go on a cruise around the world (yes, they do those…my aunt and uncle are on their second one right now); 3) tithe; 4) buy my husband a motorcycle; 5) Rent out a cruise-ship and fill it up with all my friends and their families and my family for a week or two

Five of my bad habits: 1) i interrupt people when they’re talking; 2) i say “dangit” and “crap” in front of my kid; 3) i hardly ever read the Bible; 4) i’m on the computer way too much (pretty much for Harper’s whole nap); 5) ???

Five places I have lived: 1) Gainesville, GA; 2) Tampa, FL; 3) Tallahassee, FL; 4) West Palm Beach, FL; 5) London, England (UK)

Five jobs I’ve had: 1) camp counselor; 2) Shoe City worker (EW!); 3) waitress (i was absolutely horrible); 4) teacher; 5) mommy (my favorite)


3 Comments to “what the heck is a “meme”?”

  1. ok…what you were doing 10 years ago–first of all we are OLD, second of all i was laughing out loud at the clothes part….as one of your very best friends, am i qualified to add #5 on the bad habits?? it’s a “classic katie” maneuver–talking to someone else in the room while you are on the phone. 🙂

    i only kid you because i know you are now laughing outloud at the mention of “classic katie” 🙂

  2. hey sister…this is really cool…I believe 10 years ago was around the time when I first met you…weird, huh…I’ve almost known you for half of my life…thanks for the pictures of Harper…I keep staring at them…see you in about 3 weeks!

  3. Man I hope you become a billionaire…a cruise would be nice!

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