one month…

until harper’s 2nd birthday.  i’ve been working on invitations (design is my favorite form of stress relief/relaxation).  please vote and tell me which one you like the best (and don’t whine the day you get it in the mail if yours doesn’t get picked)…

option 1


option 2


option 3



11 Comments to “one month…”

  1. I have been reading your blog for sometime but have never posted….I could not pass this one up. This is the stuff I love and totally agree…great stress relief and instant gratification which at times is exactly what I need!

    My vote is definetly for option #1. It rocks. Did you do this on the new photoshop?

  2. i vote number 1, and i better get one… even though i am not attending! love you!

  3. I vote for number 1 for sure. Oh man…when’s the big partay?!

  4. I agree #1 is my favorite. She is SO cute!

  5. Definately #1 the bigger the picture the better if you ask me!

  6. #1 is so cute. You’re amazing!

  7. okay so if I say #1 it looks like I’m just chiming in with everybody else but that was my pick before I saw the others in case you were wondering

  8. She is so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o cute, you need the bigger picture in # 1.

  9. I also have to go with #1…you are amazing! I can’t wait to have you design something for me!

  10. Oh my word how cute! I liked #3…but obviously I’m the only one! They’re all so cute! You’re SO talented Ktron! What a gift you have!

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