the record stands (thank goodness).

harper and i just got back from a week in montana.  if you’ve been reading my blog since august, you know that our last plane trip was not a great experience (i just tried to find it in my archives and can’t…sorry if you never read it).  when we went to montana in august, the day of the trip home was THE worst day of my life (hands down)…hardest day as a mom, pretty much hardest day as a person.  needless to say, i was not looking forward to this trip, but it went really really well (thank you Lord!).  i was definitely prepared for the worst this time…my attitude was a little different, i had my saviour of a friend Kathleen’s dvd player, and we had some Benadryl handy…just in case.  🙂  the trip out couldn’t have gone better…it was actually almost fun…we had no neighbors on either plane (thank you to all the people who decided not to fly that day or missed the flight).  harper loved being on the airplane and it was so much easier because you can explain things to  her and she understands (“see everyone sitting down?  we have to wait until everyone stands up, then you can get out of mommy’s lap”).  she loves the escalators and the moving sidewalks and is obsessed with the underground “train” in the denver airport.  we colored, we read books, we watched dvd’s, we ate snacks. 

on the way home (yesterday) we weren’t quite as lucky.  the first flight was at 6 AM, which meant we had to leave red lodge at 4 AM (EW!!!)  Harper didn’t sleep in the car at all (again), but she slept for about 45 minutes on the first flight…thanks to the saintly woman who gave me her seat (which came with the empty seat next to it).  we were supposed to fly to houston shortly after arriving in denver, but when we got to the gate my heart sank: houston was cancelled…not delayed, NEVER HAPPENING.  “i knew this day was going too well,” i thought.  however, my despair was short-lived.  we were quickly and pleasantly (you know how some of the airline reps can be) re-routed to miami.  i dreaded calling ryan to tell us he had to drive to miami, but he got to leave work early and he made the drive on company gas, so he couldn’t complain too much.  the 3 1/2 hour flight to miami was tough.  it was completly full…no hope for harper getting her own seat, no matter how bad it got.  my lap is shrinking by the day, and harper seems to be growing alot right now, too.  poor kid…she was so squished (actually, most sympathy should go to our unborn daughter…thank goodness for amniotic fluid).  when she watched DVD’s (thank you kathleen!!!), she had to put her feet up on the tray table…there was nowhere else for them to go!  🙂  i so wished i’d had a camera because the lack of space the two of us shared was hilarious.  still, harper was VERY well-behaved (even if some of that was thanks to bribery with candy) and slept for about an hour, which was amazing.

ryan picked us up and we stopped at sweet tomatoes in hollywood to break up the trip home and avoid some traffic.  we didn’t end up getting home until about 8:30, so i was really glad that harper’s body was on mountain time.  after we put harper to bed, i was in the shower replaying the day over in my mind and i caught myself in a really weird mood…i felt mad or something.  i thought about what could be the matter and figure out what it was:  dread.  i had been feeling it for about 3 days and just hadn’t let it go.  i reminded myself that the trip was OVER and it had gone really well and then i finally just relaxed…it almost felt like a physical weight lifted off my shoulders.  whew.

i’m just glad that next time harper HAS to have her own seat.  🙂


2 Comments to “the record stands (thank goodness).”

  1. i meant “dread” as in totally and completely not looking forward to flying with a 23 month old.

  2. I’m glad you’re back:) And glad the dread is over!

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