4 weddings and a funeral.

well…not exactly.  yesterday i attended 1 wedding and 2 receptions.  ryan and i were invited to both weddings, one was for a friend we’ve known for years (a girl), and the other was for one of ryan’s close friends/Bible study leader (a guy).  ryan was an usher in the guy’s wedding and i went to the girl’s.    the way the timing of the receptions worked, i was able to go to part of the first one and all  of the second one.  anyway, the day of festivities and food and customs got me thinking and i realized some things about myself:

— i enjoyed getting engaged, being engaged, my wedding, my honeymoon, and even being newly married, BUT i don’t think that if i could i would go back.  i am so happy & comfortable in my marriage.  even though it’s always exciting when things are new, i love the relationship that we have now, 5 1/2 years later.  i definitely love him more deeply today than i did in august of 2001.  that’s a good feeling and i thank God for it.

— i am pretty reserved and very bad at “mingling” with people i don’t really know.

— i am SO glad ryan and i didn’t have any dancing at our wedding.  some of my friends were a little upset about it because there was “nothing to do”, but that whole first dance alone thing seems so super awkward to me.  (plus, 9 out of 10 DJ’s are ridiculously corny)

— i get really excited about food without realizing it.  when the ultrasound tech told us a few weeks ago we were having a girl, it was only then that i realized i was disappointed and that i had wanted a boy.  it was sort of like that last night when i took a bite of the wedding cake and realized that each layer had some rasberry gel in between…i hate fruit and cake together.  “darn!”, i thought as i set the barely touched plate back on the table…”i really wanted some good old fashioned plain wedding cake.”  they made up for it by having some amazing chocolate fondue!

— i really really wish we would’ve had InDesign when i was planning our wedding.  i did all our invitations, programs, stickers and what-not on stinkin’ Microsoft Word…sad to think about the world of potential that i didn’t even know existed.  it would’ve been so much fun!

— i’m not a big drinker, and of course, i definitely don’t drink while i’m pregnant, but… alchohol looks so good when it’s FREE!  🙂  (although i wasn’t complaining when i downed two shirley temples in like 15 minutes.)

— lastly, i REALLY like weddings!


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