three davids and a jason

tuesday nights are bible study night for me, so i tape Idol and watch it on wednesday.  i just saw the guys’ performances from last night and here are my comments on the 4 that i thought stood out:

david hernandez… that boy can SING.  i hope he goes far.  the song was perfect for him.

david what’s-his-name (the “rocker”)… i still say he is super full of himself and i love it when simon criticizes him, but he did play/sing the song really well.  note: if he wins, i’ll be ticked.

dear sweet chocolate-covered david archuletta… after i heard the song and listened to the judges’ comments, i rewound the dvr and watched him again.  that kid is AMAZING.  to echo what paula said (did i seriously just say that?), he is doing what he was put on earth to do.  it takes someone super special to sing a song better than the writer/super mega-star sang it.

jason… sorry buddy.  you’re not my favorite anymore.  but you are adorable and have a nice voice.  [if that guy buzzed his head he would be unbelievably good looking.]

just wondering: what the heck was up with danny noriega’s video?  did his name used to be danielle?  did anyone else notice how he looked like he was a) dressed in drag or b) a girl?!


2 Comments to “three davids and a jason”

  1. i agree on the haircut idea for jason. he has amazing eyes, but they are hidden by those ugly dreads!!!

  2. I know i was dissapointment with Jason. I don’t know nobody on that show seems very consistant.

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