(i added to “V” this morning, if anyone’s interested…)

water:  i love water.  i like swimming in the ocean, a lake, a pool (although i’m a little freaked out by water parks…too many bare feet in one wet place).  i like snorkeling and scuba diving.  i like taking baths.  i like taking showers.  when hiking or exploring somewhere outside, i am always drawn to the waterfalls or creeks that are bound to be discovered.  i like to walk out onto the rocks as far out as i can…until they’re too far apart or until the water gets deep enough to scare me away because i’d like to keep my shoes dry.  i love it when it rains…whether i’m warm and dry inside, or getting soaked because i was only halfway through my 2 mile run when it started to rain.  for 10 years of my life, water (the ocean) has been my sense of direction.  i’m never lost because i always know which way is east.  some of my best memories involve water…being rambunctious in a swimming pool, on a slip ‘n slide in the backyard, or relaxing and talking with friends in a hot tub somewhere.

weather:  i guess this “answer” is two-fold.  i like changes in the weather (like today’s totally unexpected cold snap or a thunderstorm that comes out of nowhere) and i like our weather in general here in south florida.  as much as i complain during the summers, i love the heat.  it always seems to return at the right time…just as i’m really getting pale or reallly starting to miss the sand between my toes.  granted, we can go to the beach anytime of the year, but who wants to go when the water’s too cold to at least get wet up to your knees.  i love rainy season when you can pretty much bet on there being at thunderstorm from 2:57-3:16 every day. 

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14


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