“victory in jesus”:  i love old hymns.  when i was little, we went to a presbyterian, then baptist church.  we sang hymns from hymnals and i loved it.  sometimes contemporary worship gets on my nerves.  i wish we could just sing a few verses of “victory in jesus” or “power in the blood”.  i think my favorite was probably “when the roll is called up yonder”.

vegetables:  i love veggies.  i was not the kid who hides her brussel sprouts in her napkin.  i was the kid my sister handed hers to under the table.  🙂  seriously, i’ve really only met like one veggie i didn’t like (collard greens…they have a sour taste).  my favorite is probably corn or spinich…both with alot of butter.  actually, come to think of it, pretty much any vegetable tastes delicious when you add butter and salt (or cook it with bacon grease…duh).  or honey’s good on some things, too (carrots).

Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore……..stand firm. Let nothing move you.  1 Cor. 15:57,58


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