dusty roach poop and brand new toys

this past weekend my parents and i went to terra ceia, florida to clean out my grandma’s attic.  i was child-less, thanks to the generosity and delight of my in-laws.  “grandmolly” (my name for my grandma) has been living in tallahassee for a little over a year now and her house has been empty.  before that, she had lived in the house for about 40 years.  not only had she lived there a super long time, but she and my grandpa both like stuff.  LOTS of stuff.  they saved everything.  growing up, i always knew that there were alot of “things” in their house, but i never knew the depth of it until i was wearing a mask sorting through piles of boxes in their attic.  we took some pictures and i hope to be able to post those later in the week, but even those will not do justice to the experience.  when explaining the three-day venture to my husband, i listed things in three categories.  i’ll do the same here…some of the things we found:

things perceived to be valuable: vintage board games and toys, jewelry, old books (1857!), a very old unopened bottle of scotch, glass doorknobs from my great-grandmother’s house, many unopened toys (from the 70’s), an 8×10 print of thomas edison taken in front of his home by an unknown relative of my dad, HUNDREDS of old stamps, ETC, ETC, ETC 

sentimental things: my dad’s original social security card, baby clothes (rotten), toys i remember playing with when i was a kid, my grandpa’s business cards, the sign from my great-grandpa’s electrician “office” (it is so cool and i want it for my house!), letters that my dad wrote to his parents when he was in college (he called his mom “chubby” haha), ETC… 

trash:  several boxes of rocks (thanks to my geology-loving aunt who left them there 30 years ago), several boxes of unused brand new paper, many trashbags full of wrapping paper/bows/tissue paper/ribbon/easter grass/packing peanuts, 20 year old junkmail (not kidding), several petrified pieces of clothing that could’ve been SO neat, ETC, ETC, ETC…

all in all, it was a cool experience.  i love shows like “clean house” and “clean sweep” and that is what i had pictured in my head beforehand…plus i was excited about getting a “mommy break”.  even though we stood up most of the day, made MANY trips up and down the stairs, and were disgustingly dirty at the end of each day, it was a good time.  it was alot of fun when one of us said, “oh my gosh!”, because we didn’t know if the exclamation was made out of surprise, disgust, or “oh, it’s another box of old cards”.  i was very encouraged to come home and clean out my house of any and all excess (i’m sure i have some 3-year old pasta in my cupboard or something).

pictures coming soon… 

fun side note:  on saturday, around 8:00 when we finally left for the night, my dad said that he would love a steak and we should pick up outback and take it back to the hotel.  “THAT SOUNDS GREAT!!” the rest of the company in the car exclaimed!  so, we called in our order, picked up the food soon after and proceeded to the hotel.  upon our arrival and the unpacking of the food, we realized that the sweet staff at outback hadn’t given us any plasticware.  grrr!  we’d had wendy’s the night before, so there were 3 spoons on the desk.  we ended up eating the bloomin’ onion with our fingers (which we would’ve done anyway), salad with our spoons, and our steaks with our fingers!  i have to say that was the first time i’ve ever pulled steak away from the teeth like that, but it still tasted really really good.


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