castro is cool.

this is jason.  in my opinion, he’s the guy to beat on american idol.  LOVE HIM!  can i get a witness?  (i’m about to go watch the girls right now…i’ll keep you posted on my pick.)


3 Comments to “castro is cool.”

  1. i like his sound…reminds me of Jack Johnson, but i think the dreads have to go.

  2. I know I thought is performance what just so fun:)

  3. I love his hair …. of course I love any hair. His voice is toooo soft and smooth for me. The guy that sounds best to me is the Aussie. And maybe that was just the flash-backs I had as he delivered, The Doors -“Light my Fire”……….

    It is truly AMAZING GRACE that saved a wretch like me …….. Thank you God ! ! ! !

    As to the “chicks”….

    I like the 23 yr old motorcycle rider girl, that is a 21st century carbon copy of Janus Joplin (Look out WoodStock here I come – ooops, there I go again). She won’t make it all the way to the end; but, she’s having fun on the ride. And that little bitty thing (16 yrs) that has a booming voice is a strong contender. She was so cute last night crying for EVERYBODY that got cut. If she crys that much every week when people are cut, she’ll be a basketcase for the finals.

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