thank you, kati maddingly!  🙂

ultrasound: my most favorite day of pregnancy.  not only do we find out the sex of the baby, but we get to SEE the baby!  i love looking at the beating heart and all the precious little body parts.  i love the way the baby moves on the screen and (don’t make fun) i love the way the radar thingy feels on the jelly on my belly.  🙂  our ultrasound is next wednesday (feb.27th).  keep you posted!

“…..Under His wings you will find refuge.” Psalm 91:4


3 Comments to “U”

  1. Um how about umbrella cause it keeps you from getting wet or utilities cause they keep the lights on and the water running or unicorns cause maybe you just have a weird intrest in them or uterus cause its keeping your baby nice and cozy or umbilical cord for that matter or utensils cause they make it easy to cook or how bout the word um cause it helps you think or unicycles cause maybe you’ve never told anyone but you love to ride them or underwear cause well you need them…I can’t think of anymore U’s. I realize this probably wasn’t helpful but it was fun 🙂

  2. ok, kathleen…that was HILARIOUS.

  3. I was thinking ultrasound….have you had one yet of your upcoming arrival?? 🙂

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