the hiding place:  the autobiography of corrie ten boom about christian jews who hide from the nazis at the beginning of ww2.  they eventually get caught (sorry if that spoiled it for you) and are seperated, sent to prison, then a concentration camp.  i need to read it again…as i’m trying to write this, the details blend together.  it is definitely one of my favorites, if not THE favorite.  corrie’s faith and hope in God during her situation is challenging and encouraging.  her story is absolutely amazing and will make you feel so guilty about all the things you’ve ever complained about.  if you don’t like to read, rent the movie.

travel:  i love to travel…doesn’t matter where.  there are so many amazing places in the world that i want to see before i die.  my aunt and uncle are on a 4 month cruise around the world right now.  my aunt e-mails pictures several times a week.  i usually don’t even want to open them because my jealousy grows like a weed.  this is thier second time doing this, but last year it was to different destinations.  it is my dream to go on that cruise someday when my kids are older and we happen to have $30,000 to spend on a single trip.  🙂

twists & turns:  i enjoy routine and i like for there to be some predictability to my life.  i like being able to plan ahead and create certain expectations for what i think is in the future (of the day, week, month, or year).  but i think my favorite things about life are events or circumstances that catch me off guard.  not that i enjoy crisis or tough times, but i like the challenge and emotional stimulation that they bring.  (i could probably really regret this post someday, seeing as nothing really bad has ever happened to me…)  i love the life i lead, where i live, etc, but i’m always jealous in some small way of those who are forced to move to an unknown place or new job.  it just seems so new and exciting.  we met with a realtor last night so that we can put our condo on the market.  now all we have to do is PRAY and wait.  i am so excited to see what God has planned for our future…i’m sure it’s something new and exciting!

tea:  SWEET tea, to be exact.  SOUTHERN sweet tea.  sugar water that has a touch of tea taste with lemon.  🙂  my favorite:  sonny’s.  it comes in a ridiculously huge bottomless cup and is the perfect compliment to bbq smothered in sweet sauce (can you tell i ate there for lunch today?).

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding.  Proverbs 3:5  (my favorite scripture!)


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