i went to ross today to get a new wallet.  i got my old one about 5 years ago at wal-mart and it just broke.  it was a very sad thing for me because i loved that wallet.  i went to wal-mart and they didn’t have any that i liked and they were all like $10 (yes, i’m that cheap).

so, i went to ross and found a wallet that i liked for $3.99 (true!).  of course i had to walk around the rest of the store and look for other things that i “needed”.  i took a short tour through the maternity section and found a cute pair of b&w houndstooth pants for $0.49 (forty-nine CENTS)!!  woo-hoo!  i didn’t even try them on until i got home.  you can’t buy the elastic to make a pair of pants for that cheap!


3 Comments to “cha-ching!”

  1. I mean SWEET you must of been like why is she talking about perspiration!!

  2. A pair of pants for 49 cents? no way girl…..

    Now that was both a gift and a surprise from God.

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