shag: it’s not what you’re thinking if you’ve watched alot of austin powers…  shag is a movie made in 1989 about 4 very southern high school senior girls who sneak off to myrtle beach for the summer of 1963.  it’s called “shag” because that was the name of a popular dance during that time.  i honestly don’t know how many times i’ve seen this movie, but it’s definitely one of my favorites (like the kind that i’m annoying to watch it with because i can – and do – quote every line).  everytime i watch it it makes me want to bubble flip my hair and put on a pair of bermuda shorts.  (warning:  men/boys will find nothing to like about this movie…except maybe bridget fonda in a cute bikini)

sudoku:  i wrote a blog about sudoku soon after i started this blog, but whatever…  sudoku is a puzzle where there is a square filled with smaller squares, some of the smallest squares containing numbers.  the object of the puzzle is to fill a number into every square using the process of eliminiation.  the numbers only go 1-9.  there is a 1-9 in every line, horizontally and vertically, and there is a 1-9 in every one of the 9 smaller boxes. 


i started sudoku last summer on a plane to shoot my first wedding (i was nervous…about the sudoku and the wedding, haha).  it’s great for car trips, the…ahem…bathroom, and sitting on a lounge chair by the pool.  sometimes i time myself, but most of the time i just work at a relaxed pace.  when i’m done, i always write the date and where i am at the bottom of the page: “1/25/08  bathtub”.

Surely, I am with you always.  Matthew 28:20


2 Comments to “S”

  1. hi, you don’t know me but i just randomly found your blog while searching for a picture of sudoku on google, and the one in your blog popped up and then i clicked on it and kind of read your blog…and thought you were funny, and read a few other blogs and i just wanted to say i like them 🙂

    your writing is beautiful, and whimsical, and charming and funny! i like it =D

  2. I LOVE the movie Shag! 🙂 and i really like your idea of “Alphabetical Favorites” i just may copy your inspiration 🙂 hah

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