quiet:  as in, no noise.  doesn’t necessarily have to mean no SOUND.  i like the quiet that comes when i’m running and all i hear is the sound of my breath, or the quiet that is there when i dunk my head underwater during a bath.  i love the quiet of hearing only the carving sound my snowboard makes on a deserted hill.  i love snuggling with my husband when we’re not talking (not that i don’t like talking to him, haha).  i like the quiet of harper when i peek in her room and see her intently reading books in a corner.  i like quiet in my house: dog snoring, air cutting off and on, keys clicking on a keyboard.  🙂  the garbage truck emptying dumpsters right outside my window….not so quiet!

Quietness and trust is your strength.  Isaiah 30:15


3 Comments to “Q”

  1. I think this is my Fav. post yet!

  2. What about the quiet of me repeating your daughter’s name over and over? Hahahaha.

    I like this blog, and the verse too.

  3. i just realize that it seems as if you skipped “P”…yes? no?

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