what the ——- ?!

harper and i met ryan at chick-fil-a today for lunch.  a rare, joyful occurence.  our routine when we go to chick-fil-a is to get a table right next to the glass of the play area, put harper in the play area, and watch her through the glass while we eat.  she eats in the car on the way home.

anyway, half-way through our meal, some older kids went in and started playing.  they were girls, probably about 9 or 10, MAYBE 11 years old.  i noticed that they were dressed in cute, abercrombie style clothes.  “what pretty girls…”  i thought.  then i read one of the girls’ graphic tees:  “NORTH CAROLINA: it’s good to be on top”.  WHAT?!!!

first of all, does she know what that means?

secondly, are her parents total idiots?  i hope so, because if they do know what that means and they still let their 5th grade daughter wear it…well, i hope they’re saving up to support all their future illegitimate grandchildren while their daughter finishes high school.

thirdly, what kind of company would make a shirt that small that says that?!?!

ugh.  sometimes i want to move to an island and invent my own society (and, yes, there would be a chick-fil-a…and trees that grow twinkies & hostess cupcakes). 


One Comment to “what the ——- ?!”

  1. What’s up with older girls and the chick-fil-a playground??

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