ugh.  one more letter closer to the ever-elusive “Q”…

pantene:  i just bought a huge bottle of pantene “always smooth” at costco.  it’s always a gamble when you buy a new kind of shampoo in that big of a bottle, but, i thought, pantene’s never let me down before and we really need shampoo and i don’t want to go to another store after i leave here.  this is the greatest shampoo i’ve ever used.  my hair has been so straight and soft and smooth.  yes, i’m taking pre-natal vitamins, and yes, it’s been a little less humid outside, but i’m still singing the praises of this stuff.  love it!

peanut butter:  when i was in london, the only kind of chunky peanut butter i could find was skippy.  before then i had been a peter pan girl, but i had to settle for what i could get.  boy am i glad.  i am not exaggerating when i say that i had ritz crackers and peanut butter at least once a day, every day for three months.  since then,  chunky skippy is in my blood.  no, i don’t eat it every day, but i at least have to look at it in the cupboard and know it’s there if i want it.  harper loves it now, too, thank goodness.  mmmm….p.b. and crackers, p.b. and jelly, p.b. on apple slices, p.b. and banana, p.b. and honey….let me count the ways…

publix:  where shopping seriously is a pleasure.  i told ryan the other night that i would literally cry if we had to move somewhere up north just because they don’t have publix.  their stores are consistently clean, their employees are always friendly, and, well, it really is almost fun to shop there.  they have great sales and, as a huge added bonus, their store brand products (generic) are top-notch.  the only publix brand thing i’ve ever tried that i didn’t like is their cottage cheese, but i’m super picky about that.  we needed some things from the store on easter last year.  good ol’ publix was closed (yet another thing i like about them, that they’re closed on holidays), so we had to go to….gulp….wi-wi-wi-winn-dixie.  it was so hard for me.  i felt like i was commiting adultery, and it was obvious that the store was filled up with other “cheaters”.  no one knew where anything was and all the publix-lovers were looking to each other for direction (and probably at the same time hoping no one noticed or recongnized us).  if we ever do have to move somewhere north, maybe i could buy my groceries online. 🙂

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.  John 14:27


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