newborns:  so i haven’t formally announced it on my blog yet, but our second baby is due in july.  i’m 13 weeks pregnant.  newborn babies are probably THE most precious thing on this earth.  not that my daughter isn’t precious now, but she was definitely at her most pure, her most innocent, her most NEW, when she was a newborn.  i love that flaky newborn skin, the squinty eyes, the tight fists, and even the desperate little cry.  everyone has a soft spot for a new little one…it is precious to watch people, even on TV, hold one and speak to it so gently.  it’s also pretty darn cool that they sleep like 20 hours a day (cute AND easy).  🙂


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  1. Congratulations! I was wondering today at Mom’s Connection if you might be, but well, there was absolutely no chance of me asking without knowing a little bit first. Anyways, congrats. Please don’t remember how horrible my two were today at the play group… it was a bad day and I’m sure your two will be much better, at least most of the time.


  3. Ok ! It is finally official and we can spread the GREAT news. Are those “two ” little heartbeats evident yet?

    Sleeping 20 hours? …. cute AND easy? …. Isn’t it amazing how God removes the sheer agony we go through as new born parents. And how he totally removes the frustration, pain and fear new mothers go through during the delivery process.

    Our God is truly an Awesome God !! He Reins ! ! !

    He is EL SHADDAI AND EMANUEL at the same time, and as we need him !

  4. Congratulations! I am so excited for you all! It gets so much more fun with 2!

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