kauii:  my most favorite vacation destination.  THE most beautiful place i’ve ever been. the summer after my sophomore year in college, my dad’s company had their convention at a resort there.  dad used his frequent flier miles to fly my brother and sister and i over (we actually got to fly first class!) towards the end of the convention.  we spent a few days relaxing by the pool and in the hammocks, and then, when the convention was over, we left the resort and traveled to the big island for a few days.  i’ve been to the caribbean, bahamas, 13 countries in europe, canada, and all over the US…Hawaii is my favorite place of all.  i want to take MY family some day…  i want to post a picture, but i can’t find one that would do it justice.

(fun fact:  on the beach, just to the north(?) of our hotel was a huge rock.  it was the rock that harrison ford and anne heche jumped off of in that terrible movie “6 Days, 7 Nights”)

Knowledge puffs up, but love builds up.  1 Cor. 8:1


2 Comments to “K”

  1. That was a great vacation wasn’t it. One of my favorite pictures is the one with all of us standing on the beach made up of all black rocks. Wow ! remember the surfing, sky-diving, luau, shopping, eating (fancy) and sight-seeing all as a family … that was FUN ! ! ! !

    I remember how excited you three kids were when you arrived at the Hyatt and walked into that awesome lobby with the huge opened areas. Like kids in a candy shop at Christmas ! ! ! ! !

    Maybe we can all do that again sometime !

  2. oh yea ! !! Remember that desolate coastline (emeral beach)with the wild house cats that were getting chased by the owls ….

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