harper’s been constipated for the past few days.  yesterday i gave her half of a glycerine suppository and that “took care of it” if you know what i mean (don’t worry i’m not going to post a picture).  anyway, i thought she was “empty” and feeling pretty good, but last night in the bathtub she apparently proved that she was not, in fact, “empty”.  it was the first time she’s pooped in the tub since she was breastfed (i.e. since her poop has turned into looking/smelling just like a grown up’s).  EW.  i was cursing myself for putting bubbles in the bath and therefore giving the floaters “cover”.  EW.

we live in a “town center”.  it’s essentially apartments above restaraunts and stores.  there are three bars here.  that means that there are alot of drunk people wandering around here on weekends, some of whom decide not to run to the bathroom when they need to puke.  i see puke on the sidewalk probably once every 3 months.  it’s disgusting, but, sadly, i’ve kind of gotten used to it.  this morning as i was walking the dog, there was a pile of puke that i didn’t see.  he saw it.  enough said.  EW.  EW.  EW!


3 Comments to “EW.”

  1. Syd loved having lots of bubbles in her baths, that is until she went through a using the “bath as the toilet” phase and that was the point that the bubbles stopped. Is this something all kids do or something?

  2. Actually if she was constipated, the warm bath and bubbles may have just relaxed her enough to fix the problem for good. Even though you helped it along, a suppository just gets out so much….Sorry if that’s TMI, I have a daughter with severe GI problems so unfortunately I know some random kid poop info. lol.

    And if you happen to have to go through the experience again, and a warm bath doesn’t help….skip the hard suppository and try BabyLax. It’s a beautiful thing! 😉

  3. What a VERY Colorful post … and the reader’s comments were just what was needed to take it over the top.

    Did Harper know what had happened, or did she think your screams were all part of taking a bubble bath?

    The baby stuff is natural … the puke is not. at least Opie didn’t get in the tub.

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