i’ve been thinking about this one for 3 days.  i got nothin.

i take that back.  one of my good friends, who is too busy herself to do a blog but regularly reads mine, suggested this:

jeans:  a year-round staple of my wardrobe.  my favorite pair is one i got about 3 years ago at the gap.  size 6 long and leans that have been loyal enough to stretch or shrink exactly where and when i need it.  second favorites are a pair of abercrombies that i got at marshalls…although they’re ripped and the holes are growing a little too big for my taste.

(good call, a.p.)

Jesus came into the world to save sinners….  I Timothy 1:15


4 Comments to “J”

  1. What about Jesus? or maybe some stories about the Miracle Juicer your brother use to have? Or perhaps the Journey that God has placed you on with your husband and kidS? I could offer you lots of good “Js” … But it is your Blog isn’t it !

    I love you dearly, katie ! ! !

  2. what about jeans–long and leans to be specific? 🙂

  3. I would suggest jams. Not the jelly jams, or the neon printed short jams, but all the jams we busted a move to all across the world.

  4. another J to add…”Juno” 🙂 glad we could take that in together. LOVE YOU!

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