adventures in baby”sitting”

two harper stories that i’ve been dying to post:

1) the other night in the bathtub, i noticed harper standing up staring down at her “privates”.  i asked her what she was doing and she said “pee-pee”.  i said, “oh, you’re going pee-pee?”.  she said, “yeah.  bye bye pee-pee.”  as she said this, she bent over and waved good-bye to the pee-pee.  it was absolutely hilarious…had me laughing out loud for a good 5 mintues.

2) on thursday, harper woke up screaming about 30 mintues into her nap.  she is a really good napper, so this was a little strange.  i went in to see what was wrong and the only thing i could figure out was that she couldn’t find her binky.  i found it for her and gave it to her and left.  she cried for about 5 more minutes and then i didn’t hear anything else for another almost 2 hours.  i had to go in and get her up because it was after 4pm and i didn’t want her sleeping any longer.  she was awake and gave me this weird look when i turned on her light.  i walked over to the crib and i saw this:

small puke

at first i thought it was little pieces of poop, but then i saw her diaper was still on correctly.  then i realized it was raisins and some other things she had thrown up (and at the same time i realized that this kid does not chew her food!).  i thought, “man, that’s a really small puke for it to smell so bad.”  and then with a small glance to the right, i saw this:

large puke


i was so proud of myself for not adding to the mess as i cleaned it up.


4 Comments to “adventures in baby”sitting””

  1. My kids did the exact same thing at nap time on Thursday. I really hope that we didn’t pass something along to Harper at playgroup. It’s been traveling through our house and hopefully is coming to an end now, but I know it’s been rough around here and I hope it hasn’t gone so badly with you guys. I’ve been working on sharing with the kids, but well, this isn’t the kind of sharing I meant, sorry if that’s what happened. Hope Harper is feeling better.

  2. So, the brown lumps are unchewed rasins. But, what are the white berry looking things; cottage cheese maybe? And I guess the red clumps are tomatoes? details, I love details ! ! ! !

    The pictures you furnished are very professional looking; maybe you could do a scratch and snif on you KTPhotography site. This is definately belongs in the “Fine” art section of your site.

  3. poor harper girl…and poor dora…looks like she got in a little of the action too! 🙂 and i love the bathtub story… ha ha. love you guys!

  4. that’s so gross but so funny especially that u took a picture!!

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