what could be better?

…than FREE Chick-fil-A?! 

one of the guys in ryan’s bible study is the new owner/operator of the new chick-fil-a on northlake.  it opens on thursday, but tonight was what they call thier “premiere night”.  it was an invitation only event where they had giveaways, free food, and more free food.  the boys cancelled bible study tonight and decided to fellowship over free eats.  harper’s been up late for 4 nights in a row now, so i almost had to skip it, but we decided to “tough it out” and it was well worth the trip.  chick-fil-a really is such a cool company.  the premiere night was hosted by owner/operators of other restaurants…from all over.  they were all dressed up in business attire.  the restaurant, of course, was spotless, including the brand new playground (harper had a blast).  there was even a red carpet taped to the sidewalk outside the door.  they were giving kitchen tours.  we got drinks, nuggets, fries, sandwiches, a dessert platter, milkshakes, and coupons for more free food.  all the bible study guys/wives sat in one corner together.  what could be better than free food with friends?!  thanks, neil!


2 Comments to “what could be better?”

  1. Oh I didn’t know Ryan and Neil were in the same Bible Study! We sure do love Chick-fil-a too! I’m glad you guys had such an awesome time. You’ll have to stop in sometime and say hey to Andrew. We were in Atlanta during premiere night… did you see Jeff and Charlene and the kids there?

  2. Those nights are SOOO fun! I was a manager of a CFA awhile back so got to attend one of these!

    Thanks for adding my blog to your roll, how did you find my site?

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