peter, peter…

so a few weeks back, i wrote a post and included this picture:

give thanks

on the left-hand side, you’ll notice a tray of candles and two small pumpkins (the bigger one is hiding in the back).  harper picked those pumpkins out and she really likes looking at them and playing with them.  i put up my christmas decorations this week, so the fall candle display came down, as did the pumpkins.  because harper liked playing with them so much, and they hadn’t in the least bit started to go bad, i couldn’t bear to throw them away. 

yesterday i was gone for about three hours.  i chose to leave the dog out…he’s been seemingly trustworthy lately when left alone.  he chose to jump on the table and knock several things onto the floor…two of which were the pumpkins.  when i got home, all that was left of the baby pumpkin was 4 seeds and some tiny shards of orange shell.  i walked around the house for 5 minutes looking for that pumpkin because i was in total disbelief that he literally ate the entire pumpkin.  i’m still in disbelief that there was no diahrea afterward…just orange polka-dotted poop…with strings in it.  🙂

too bad opie’s name doesn’t sound like peter. 


One Comment to “peter, peter…”

  1. “… too bad opie’s name doesn’t sound like peter.” I missed the joke. What does this mean???

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