mission accomplished.

yay!  it’s december 1st.  i ate cookies and a twinkie today!!  yay!!  actually, to be completely honest, i ate some cookie dough last night…ryan let me off a little early.  he had two cokes today and enjoyed them thouroughly.  he also weighed himself at the grocery store and discovered that he lost 4 pounds in november.  just from not drinking soda…he still ate ice cream and pizza and everything else we normally eat.  i’m proud of him because i think he wants to keep going…guess he discovered that he can drink beer instead of soda and it’s not as bad for him.  🙂

not sure how much weight i lost…haven’t weighed myself since the 15th.  my pants aren’t super loose or anything, but i don’t really care.  what i got out of our “bet” was this:  i have new eyes when it comes to how much sugar i really was eating.  i had no idea how much it was a part of my life…always thinking about finding something sweet or looking forward to an event/restaurant because of the dessert.  yes, i definitely missed the junk food, and yes, i will definitely have my share of christmas tree cakes and sugar cookies this month, but i think i may have learned that i don’t “need” it like i thought i did.  half-way through the month i started wishing i had been doing a fast…if you’re supposed to pray every time you miss what you’ve given up, i would’ve been doing a lot of talkin’ to the Lord!


One Comment to “mission accomplished.”

  1. Hi Katie, my name is rose and i am a homeschooling mom. i am also trying to cut out sugar. i have a terrible sweet tooth that is ruining my teeth as well as my weight loss efforts. I never thought about the soda! Thanks for the great post. Come visit when able. Blessings, rose

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