there’s an italian festival in our “neighborhood”/town center this weekend.  there are a TON of people around.  right now i’m sitting at my computer listening to all the noises the people and cars are making…  that’s right, our windows are open!!!!!!  fall is here!!!!  yay!  ahhh…to fall asleep to the sounds of screaming drunk people and delivery trucks…


2 Comments to “FALL”

  1. Hey Katie,
    So I’ve been having fun reading your blog and I just thought I should let you know that I’m reading it… I always feel like I’m invading when I read someone else’s blog without them knowing. Anyway… enough of my paranoias! I also wanted to tell you that Glenn was impressed you are using wordpress. I think he wishes he had a wife that was blog savvy enough to use wordpress. I tried to tell him you’re married, but that didn’t seem to phase him. By the way, I always enjoy your posts.
    Kristie Ansley

  2. Oh how i miss going to sleep to the sweet sound of screaming drunks, loud car radios and breaking glass. It makes one really miss the good old days of excessive drunkness and illegal drug use …

    I thank GOD HE SAVED me from all of that…..

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