lip service.

so the “no sweets for a month” starts today, and i was just thinking that  maybe i should try to somehow turn it into a fast…like whenever i have a craving for sugar or just a simple thought, “wonder what sweet things we have in the house?”, i could stop and pray or read a chapter from the Bible.  about 25 seconds after i had that thought, i opened my inbox and found this e-mail from a photography acquaintance who is in the phillipines for several months.  he’s been taking pictures, witnessing, and just loving on the people there.  he’s had some sad stories about the horrendous conditions these people live in…  at the conclusion of his e-mail today, he had this to say and it was super convicting to me:

Lastly friends, I want to leave you with a challenge. I know what you are thinking, I’m a 21 year old kid, what right do I have in challenging people much older and wiser than myself. I probably don’t have any right to but I’m going to do it anyway because it’s been laying heavily upon my heart. I want you to start living for Him. Truly start living for Him. I think a lot of times we are merely paying lip service to a God we think isn’t watching. I know because I do it myself. It has really hit me on this trip. What am I going to say when I get up to heaven and God opens up the view into Hell and shows me my neighbors and those I’ve lived close to all my life. He’ll probably say something like, “So, what did you do about those guys?” I hope that I drop to my knees and cry. I know that my heart is crying about it now. I am internally crying for these people who are suffering beyond imagination but I am rejoicing without worry of who is watching when I learn that they are saved and will be celebrating with me at the big party in the sky. We will worship the same God hand in hand singing his praises. I hope that I can start working towards that end while I am still here on earth.


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