saying goodbye…

to sweets for a MONTH!! 

a few weeks ago I made a bet with my husband that he should go a month without soda.  if you don’t know him, you might think, “what’s the big deal?”, but my sweetie has a big soft spot for dr. pepper (or “DP”, as we call it in our house).  he does drink water, beer, and juice as well, but his main drink with meals comes in a burgandy can.  he starts tomorrow. 

we still haven’t come up with a wager yet (hard to do when you’re trying not to spend money), so i decided that i should give up something with him.  i asked him what i should give up and he said “sweets”.  ouch.  right where it hurts.  i thought about it pretty long and hard because i hate starting something and then backing out…i wanted to be sure that i could really do it if i said i would.  then i remembered that my birthday is next week (a birthday with no dessert?  um, NO.), and thanksgiving is at the end of the month (no pumpkin cheesecake?!).  so, ryan said he’d make an exeception for those two days.  we start tomorrow and my birthday is next thursday, so i only have to go a week to start with.  it’s going to be tough….like many others out there, i definitely have a sugar addiction.  one time in college when i wanted to test my discipline, i decided to go 60 days without chocolate.  i did it pretty easily, but do you know what i learned?  just that there are alot of other sweet things out there that don’t contain chocolate.  carmel sauce on vanilla ice cream is amazing!  🙂 

so, this’ll be my first long stretch with no sweets at all.  hopefully i’ll lose some fat or gain some energy or all of a sudden want to clean my floors or something…

i’m convinced that ryan’s going to lose at least 5 pounds.  we’ll see.  i’ll try to remember to post an update when we’re halfway through.

ps.  if anyone’s wondering, yes, i’ve been stocking up.  i ate four twinkies for lunch today.          (don’t know why it makes me feel better to annouce that…  confession lifts the guilt, i guess…)


One Comment to “saying goodbye…”

  1. I love you and this makes me laugh. Not in a bad way, but in a fun way. I would love to know if it helps you clean your floors. That would be hilarious. I am feeling as if I need a change in my eatings habits as well. Maybe your experiment will inspire me.

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