growing up.

harper will be eighteen months old on saturday.  yesterday she and i went to the pool and she jumped off the side into my arms!  that got me thinking about how much she is changing and growing and it made me want to write a blog update.  here are some new things she’s doing:

plays pretend (puts her doll in the cradle and tells it night night and gives it a bottle; waves bye-bye with stuffed elmo’s arm and says “bye-bye”; pretends to sleep to be funny)

talks a blue streak (she copies alot of words we say…ususally the last word in a sentence; she’s obsessed with saying “Dora” and finding Doras to point at and talk about wherever we go [i never realized that Dora is EVERYWHERE]; she talks to herself alot too…makes it sound like she is saying sentences)

she still signs alot and can learn a sign very quickly (the other day my mom taught her “cookie” in about 5 minutes).

she is obsessed with large loud things (trucks, planes, helicopters, bulldozers, etc…)

she’s doing a great job with association (sees a Rinker plant, says “Daddy!”)

tries to run, but still trips alot

will say “night-night” and lay her head down when she’s tired but not in bed

we’ve started doing storytimes at the library and she really loves it.  sometimes she’s shy and won’t hardly leave my lap.  other times she is up walking around the whole time.  it’s fun!


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