one last check…


-tuesday storytime at the library

-laundry  (still working on it…UGH)

-print and cut invites for Melanie’s shower

-deliver invites for Mel’s shower

-come up with several Save The Date cards/tags designs for Kasey’s wedding

-meet with Kasey  (over the phone)

-order Save The Dates for Kasey’s wedding

-upload a week of pictures to the computer (including two paid sessions)

-editing for the Dean family session

-editing for Landon Sumner session

-upload edited images to Exposure Manager

-grocery shopping

-call 2 families in the church who just had babies to see if they want meals delivered (who wouldn’t?!)

-get 6 volunteers from meal ministry to make a meal sometime in the next two weeks

-PRAY  (we can never do enough, right?)

-finalize volunteer sign-ups for sunday’s church picnic

-finalize volunteer sign-ups for saturday’s church picnic prep (cutting and stacking hamburger toppings)

-call people who haven’t volunteered for either

-ironing (so my husband doesn’t have to go pantless to work)  [Still haven’t gotten to it…luckily it’s the weekend and he ironed for himself a week ago so he still has some pants left.  haha]

-mom’s group on thursday

-photo session with the Green family on thursday evening

-soccer on friday night (stress relief!)   [we lost 5-4, but we were down by TWO players!]

-get pregnant (haha…just kidding….)

-wash the dog

-spend time with my husband

-raise my daughter


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