the greatest generation.

i only have a few minutes to type before harper gets up, but….

this past weekend my grandparents had an anniversary party in sun city (near the other coast).  my entire family traveled down for it, and so did many other people (other family and many of their friends).  it was kind of a big deal…thier 60th!  i guess alot of people have those types of parties over there…grandpa was super stressed when he was getting everything organized (caterer, entertainment, centerpieces, etc.), but i think he had a great time at the party and reflecting back on it afterwards.  we had the chance to look at many pictures of grandma and grandpa growing up and dating…all the way through to the present.  it was really cool. 

that night, back at the hotel, ryan and i started talking about that generation of people and how it’s so sad that they are slowly disappearing.  i don’t know many people that age, but it seems that everyone i come in contact with leaves a lasting impression on me.  i don’t know if it was the time in which they grew up, being forced to pull together during the war, or just the fact that their parents raised them right, but these people have real class.  watching them on the dancefloor and talking with them when they so readily initiated conversation was TRULY a pleasure.  my dad said later that he really feels like historians will look back 200 years from now and say that that generation (“the greatest generation”) was the pinacle of the american society.  i hope it’s not true, for our country’s sake, but i can’t help aggreeing…i can’t see us getting much better than that (minus the racism).

i know that we have made social advances since WWII, but i wish  my generation could model some of what these older folks exemplify: strong love for their country, good manners, simple faith, sitting on the front porch doing nothing.  may we learn all we can from them while we have the chance.


2 Comments to “the greatest generation.”

  1. I am interested in what “racism” you are referring to? The illegal aliens? … that is not racism, that is patriotism. The black/white racism .. like Miss Black America Padgent, BET, the congressional black caucus, etc.?

    What do you see as the Racism problem in America?

  2. the only racism i’m talking about is simply people hating other people because of thier race.

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