children are our future…

and the future looks pretty bright.  well….maybe.  since moving out of my parents house 10 years ago, i’ve had alot of chances to look back on the way i was raised.  i think my folks did a pretty darn good job and i plan to copy alot of thier methods with my kids.  because of this, i feel like i have a pretty good handle of what a “good kid” is.  i also taught school for 5 years, which is where i had the unfortunate chance of seeing what a “not-so-good kid” is.  most (not all) of the time, a “not-so-good” kid comes from a home with some “not-so-good” parents (or, sadly, parenT).  teaching definitely gave me examples of things NOT to do and the types of parent NOT to be. 

i just watched an episode of the new CBS show, Kid Nation.  i loved it!  granted, there are only 40 kids on the show (er-39…one went home last week), so it’s not a full picture of the entire population of the youth of today.  however, i have to say that i was pretty darn impressed with the kids on this show.  i know that there are hours and hours of footage that doesn’t make it into each episode, but the stuff they did show was great.  these kids cook (even butchered two chickens), clean, pump water, do laundry, and are quick to remind any slackers of what they’re supposed to be doing.  there was a prize challenge (similar to survivor) and the kids who came in first were yelling their lungs out for those who hadn’t finished yet.  the kids who didn’t finish were greeted with hugs and words of encouragement from the other teams. 

there is no spiritual aspect to the show, so i don’t know what the hearts of these kids are like, or what kind of families they come from, but if they’re the future, it looks like we’ll be in good hands when we’re old and gray.


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