a nose knows…

i was putting laundry away in harper’s dresser yesterday, and while in her sock drawer, i took out one of her new shoes and held it up by my face so i could see/remember what size they were.  while holding it close, i took a breath in and accidentally smelled it.  it smelled like a new shoe…actually, this may sound strange, but it smelled like a new Payless shoe, which is where the shoes came from.  and it smelled AWESOME!  it didn’t smell good necessarily because of the smell, but because of what my brain knew the smell was:  new shoes.  🙂  this got me thinking about smells and what they mean to me.  here’s a list of some other smells that make me happy:

home depot (reminds of trips there with my dad)

harper’s drool (i know it’s gross, but it is such a distinctive smell and it makes me feel lucky to be close enough to smell her wet skin)

ryan’s breath (i know that one’s a little wierd too, what can i say?)


fresh cut grass

brownies in the oven (actually pretty much any food in the oven)

bath and body works cotton blossom

opie after a bath

harper after a bath (minus the drool)

paint (like the kind you paint the walls with)

cinnamon (i love those brooms they have in publix right now)

a christmas tree

white linen (worn by my grammy)

a new big box of crayons

chlorine (in the air…not so much on skin)


2 Comments to “a nose knows…”

  1. This is really cool because it is unfiltered and real. The way you analyze the conection between senses and thoughts is really interesting. Most people seem to do this on a subconcious level, but not very many do it on a concious level. Nice.

  2. So I just found your blog off of Charlene’s blog and I got really excited!!

    And I loved the first post I read because my sense of smell is definitely my strongest sense and I am very affected by it too. Smells can bring me back to a place in my life instantly.

    I checked out your photography site too, and I love it! I’m finding so much out about you by stalking you on the internet!

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