little things mean alot.

so…what to write about this week…

should i chronicle the large number of times i’ve washed dishes this week?  explain in detail the way in which i cleaned opie’s head when he scratched himself bloody?  what about give my opinion about OJ’s predicament?

no, i think i will just post this:


and explain that i’m basically STOKED about the new addition to my closet (i.e. the pegboard).  my jewelry had previously been stored on the top of a bookshelf in several cool little boxes and on some wooden hooks.  harper recently discovered that she’s tall enough to reach the top of the bookshelf.  so, no explanation needed as to why the jewelry needed a new, higher home.  as far as i’m concerned, the jewelry is in jewelry heaven.  it is organized, on display, high enough so little hands can’t reach it, and it will be worn more often because of these things (which is every piece of jewelry’s ultimate life purpose).  the whole project took about 30 minutes and cost me about $12.  can’t beat it!  (we put this thing up a week ago and i’m still SO excited every time i look at it…)

ps.  i’ve washed dishes 8 times since sunday.  i cleaned opie’s head with hot water and then sprayed it with lanacane.  OJ was set up (but of course he more than deserves whatever he gets…it’s about time his ego got him into some trouble).


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