double stuf.

i wrote a post several weeks ago about my weakness for twinkies and how i don’t buy them because they disappear VERY quickly and its embarrassing (not to mention unhealthy). 


it happened again, but this time it was double stuf oreos.  i went to the store last night (less than 24 hours ago).  i just ate the last oreo.  granted, ryan ate a few last night and my sister was over today and ate some, but STILL…  it’s pretty pitiful that i can’t keep a package of quality sweets in my cupboard for more than 2 days.  in all honesty, the forementioned package of oreos never even made it into the cupboard. 

i blame it on the new “easy open pull tab” on the top of the package.  ugh.


4 Comments to “double stuf.”

  1. Oh, yeah, the pull tab is suh-weet. But I never had a problem with the old one because there always is a knife nearby to attack the cellophane aggressively.

    Two packages in one weekend for me. Yours white or chocolate stuffed?

  2. um, i don’t count them as oreos unless they have white “stuf”. 🙂

  3. you crack me up…i love you!

  4. Too funny! We LOVE Double Stuf Oreos too. (I don’t even like to eat the regular kind..they have to be double stuf!) Actually I don’t care for the chocolate cookie part that much either…just the “Stuf.” 🙂 My other weakness if Chewy Chips Ahoy. I used to get them all the time in college and eat a whole pack in one day! We just bought some this past week and amazingly haven’t finished one pack yet! (They were buy one get one free at Publix!) Enjoy your cookies….well if you get any more!

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