Chanda: Part 2.

last weekend was our 5th anniversary.

soon after the last of us graduated from PBA and we had gone our pseudo-seperate ways, we decided that we all needed to have a weekend to reconnect and just hang out.  the weekend we decided on was labor day.  we met in jacksonville (at sari’s parents’ house).  we talked, laughed, and realized how great it was just to all be in the same room again.  heather had moved to california not long before, so she couldn’t make it.  there was definitely something missing, but the 5 of us that were there had a fantastic time.  we knew we had to do it again.

last weekend we rented a condo on the beach and had our 5th annual chanda weekend.  over the past few years, it has become sacred.  all of our families and/or spouses know that we’re never free for labor day.  labor day IS chanda weekend.  this year i was approached about shooting a wedding on the saturday of labor day.  i really needed the experience and wanted the money, but i had to seriously consider if i should ask about changing the date.  i was scared…i didn’t want them to doubt my loyalties.  when i finally sent an e-mail, the girls were fine about it, but it really made me think about (and be thankful for) the sacredness of the weekend.  i think that is so cool!  i love telling people that i have a specific girls’ weekend every year…i’m proud that we make such an effort and that we “sacrifice” a holiday weekend to spend with each other.

only two of us see each other regularly (a-pizzle), so there’s definitely the potential for awkwardness once we find ourselves all in the same room.  but there’s not.  i think that’s one thing i definitely appreciate about the type of bond we have.  i can see us 20 years down the road, only talking through random e-mails (probably forwards) and christmas cards, yet reconnecting seamlessly when we meet face-to-face.  there aren’t many people i can say that about.  these girls have seen me at my worst (lesbian haircut, practically cussing at my infant) and my best (my wedding, singing in the shower).  we don’t talk every day.  we don’t talk every week.  we no longer call each other when something goes wrong (although it’s almost guaranteed that a “pray for me” e-mail will go out).  we don’t even really call each other just to talk…sad, but true.  life is busy for all of us, we all have different sets of friends, but we also all have a special place in our hearts for our Chanda girls. 

about 3 1/2 years ago, amy’s parents bought a condo in ponce inlet, fl.  it’s on the water, just south of daytona beach.  several of the owners in the building will rent their places out by the night or weekend for $100 a night.  it’s a steal.  so, we’ve rented the same condo for the past three years.  it’s tacky as all get-out, but there is a couch big enough for all of us, so that cancels out any possible “bad taste blues”.

traditional Chanda weekend activities include (but are not limited to): laying out at the pool and beach, watching trash on TV, great conversation, eating crap (and fruit), flashing each other, walks on the beach, and more great conversation.  since we don’t talk or see each other that often, there’s always alot to talk about.  sometimes we get into semi-heated discussions about current events or things we disagree on, but there are never any harsh words or bad attitudes.  we throw as many private jokes out as possible, but i think alot of us have forgotten alot of them because we can’t use them with anyone else.  🙂

the end of the weekend is always sad.  everyone gets ready to go and packs up usually all at the same time, but i never really realize things are coming to a close until we hug goodbye.  by the time we’re driving away, my heart is heavy.  it’s wierd because there’s nothing i would change about the weekend, and i know that if we’d stayed much longer and continued the same activities (laying out, being lazy on the couch), boredome would soon creep in.  so, it’s not that i want it to last longer or that i feel like i didn’t get enough quality time…it’s just that it’s hard to watch the renewed connection once again go into hibernation.  this year heather got to come (for the first time), and it was great to know that she’s still our bubbly, caring “braggis”, but i think we were all wondering when she’ll be able to come again.

i praise god for all the works he’s done seperately in all of our lives, and i am so thankful that he’s given us this bond.  who would’ve thought that such strong friendships could’ve been formed by conversation centered around a bedroom chandalier (or maybe it had a little to do with sharing a train sleeper car the size of a refrigerator box)?

can’t wait ’til next year, girls!!  love you!



3 Comments to “Chanda: Part 2.”

  1. I can’t decide if we are the coolest people I know or the cheesiest….maybe both….

  2. crying.

    hopefully I won’t be a stranger to the Chanda reunion too often.

    I love you K-Tron and I’m so glad I got to see you. Thanks for summing up our beautiful Chanda friendship in two great blogs!

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