by grace.

there’s an old saying that says something like: i couldn’t see for forest for the trees.  i guess it means that you couldn’t get the big picture because you were looking too closely at a situation or at the details of something that went on.  well, sometimes in my christian walk, i feel like i can’t see the trees for the forest.  because i was raised in the church and have always considered myself a christian (and very NOT rebellious), sometimes i miss the simple foundational truths of my faith.  i went to christian school all my life and teachers often warned us to make sure that we believed what we believed in our hearts…not just in our heads because we’d heard them so many times.  i’m sometimes caught off guard when i hear something in a new way (caught off guard in a good way).  i love to hear a new interpretation of a verse…a perspective i’ve never heard before. 

today i drove to tallahassee.  it’s a 6 hour drive and since i didn’t have harper with me, i got to choose the music for the whole trip.  i put my iPod in the front seat (my “iPod” just happens to be a tupperware container full of alphebetically ordered cd’s that we usually have in storage haha).  i ended up choosing mostly christian cd’s, but not on purpose…i was just looking through them and everything that popped out at me ended up being christian.  i had forgotten how much i love to listen to music like that in the car by myself….i can sing as loud as i want….  anyway, as i was driving i put in Shane & Shane’s CLEAN.  i’ve listened to that cd at least 50 times, but for some reason, today one of the verses in a song (which also happens to be scripture) JUMPED out at me:

by grace you have been saved

by grace you have been saved

by grace you have been saved

by grace through faith

through faith

even the faith i have to sing

hale, hale, hallelujuah to my king

it’s freely given


if you know the song, you’re probably singing it right now.  🙂  anyway, that last line jumped out at me.  another elusive spiritual truth right under my nose all this time.

one of the things i appreciate most about christianity and about what christ did for us is that we don’t have to earn anything.  there are no required rituals, no real rules.  our only requirement is that we accept what is given to us, and once we’ve done that with our whole heart, our desire to love and serve the lord and grow closer to him will come naturally.  so, i’ve known for awhile that we’re not saved by works.  the part i had never really thought about was this:  the way the lord set things up brings the most glory to him.  the reason we don’t have to earn anything is so that all the praise goes to HIM.  the lord knew that if there were rules and rituals, then even those christians only striving to be holy could eventually take a look at all they’d “done” and turn things around and give praise to themselves.

jesus really was the only way it could’ve worked.


One Comment to “by grace.”

  1. It is almost like there was a “plan” from the very beginning. Put together by someone who knew us knew our hearts and knew what our sinful nature would do if works were required.


    All of this got set-up because God wants to be intimate with us; but, our sin prevents that. So, He gave up his Son to allow that to happen.


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