ryan and i are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight.  the plane was late arriving, so i’m going out on a limb and saying that we’ll be leaving late, but i barely care (i just hope we don’t miss our connection).  we are harper-less.  and it’s nice.  🙂  i tried really really really hard not to cry as i kissed her 20 times and practically ran in the airport.  and i didn’t.  🙂  so far so good.  i just talked to my good friend, cathleen, uninterrupted for almost an hour.  so nice!  yes, we are on a trip to celebrate our 5 years together, but for ryan and i this trip is also about independence, so it’s been nice just to sit and chill and watch other people deal with screaming children (thanks mom!!!!).

next post will be a report on our adventures in LAS VEGAS!!!  woo-hoo!!


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