chocolate-covered jealousy

my sister-in-law (and very good friend) just moved to switzerland.  not just switzerland, but the swiss alps.  a chateau in the swiss alps complete with (these are her words) “geraniums and shutters”, “trees and hills…and cows”.  wow.  i am jealous.  truthfully, i LOVE my life.  i adore my husband and he truly is my best friend.  i absolutely love being a mother and couldn’t describe the feelings i have for harper.  i even love our dog and miss him when we’re away.  but, truth be told, i would love to trade places with erin right now.  (well, ryan and i leave for a kid-free trip to vegas in two days, so maybe not right this second, but you get the point…)  i am very appreciative of the life the Lord has blessed me with, but who wouldn’t want to live in a swiss chateau for 4 months…soaking in new knowledge, new friendships, and new country?!  i spent a semester of college living in a flat in london, england.  those short 3 1/2 months instilled such a love of travel and adventure in me… a love that is very much left wanting when the most exciting thing i do every day is…um…run errands?  not that i would want to leave my husband and child to go travel in europe, but just let me say that i will definitely be living vicariously through my adventuresome erin.

still, i find comfort in the fact that there are probably plenty of gals out there who wouldn’t mind trading places with me!!  🙂  i definitely have ALOT of blessings to count… 


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