today is my brother’s birthday.  i didn’t send him a gift.  he’s really hard to buy for (i feel like all i ever buy him is books or giftcards to bookstores).  we’ve kind of grown out of the giving birthday presents to siblings thing, but i still feel bad because i didn’t even send a card.  here’s a little poem to explain what a great brother i have… 

(i usually hate poetry, but i’m in the mood to rhyme right now…maybe i should call it a rap…)

bob is my big brother.

i wouldn’t want any other.

he is very smart and likes to read.

he has a wife and son, indeed.

that bio-chem degree has come in handy,

the beer he brews sure is a dandy.

he has a strong faith and knowledge of the Word,

he’s a servant to others and pleases the Lord.

he makes his home in springfield, missouri,

and works very hard, even in snow flurries. 

he has a great sense of humor, though not very loud

and when i think about him i feel very proud.

i love my brother!


One Comment to “bob.”

  1. Well said. He is pretty awesome! Thanks KT! We miss you guys!!

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