oh hostess!

okay, so i’m in the middle of trying to get through a huge pile of ironing while harper naps, but i just had to come write this. 

I LOVE TWINKIES.  i am a junk-food finatic, but i have to say that i think twinkies are my favorite.  i love the taste, i love the texture, i love the smell.  i would lick the wrapper if i knew i wouldn’t remember doing it.  alot of people (including my husband and/or previous roommates) wouldn’t know how much i love them because i don’t buy them very often, but there’s a reason i don’t buy them…because i eat them.  all.  i once went through a box (10) in TWO days.  the worst part was that ryan saw them in the cupboard one day, and then didn’t see them the next.  he asked me where they were.  yikes.  i had to admit that i had eaten all of them by myself.  that’s why i never buy them.  🙂  there are many many different snacks/junk foods that i love (double-stuff oreos, anything little debbie makes, cool ranch doritos, publix marshmallow delight), but for some reason, twinkies are my weakness.  i can never eat just one. 

(the reason i’m writing this is because i just finished off a box…that one actually lasted a week!  still, it will be months before i buy them again.  i don’t run 2 miles a day just to burn off my twinkie calories          …there’s ice cream and french fries too!!)


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